Roasted Summer Vegetable Mac & Cheese

I know, I know. What’s with all the comfort food?? Aren’t all the blogs/news feeds/newsletters talking about it being the “dog days of summer”? Yes, it is. Yes, they are. But macaroni & cheese???? Who can turn that down, no matter the temperature outside? Besides, Joshua normally gets home late on Monday nights, so it’s cooler outside then anyway.

So there.

Anyway, this recipe is my first from How Sweet It Is, a lovely blog written by a lovely woman (LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair), “for people who, like, totally love food.” Which would be me.

When I saw her picture of this casserole, I had to have it, and I had to eat it, and I mean *right now*.

Let me say that I made it almost exactly like hers, except that I used half a red pepper and half an onion, and my zucchini was LARGE, so I skipped the summer squash. And I didn’t use whole wheat pasta, I used gluten-free (of course). I also replaced her two different bread crumbs with a handful of freshly-made ones from some gluten-free bread I had on hand, with the addition of some herbage (I think I sprinkled over some dried thyme – do whatever your heart desires). Basically, I think her idea is to roast up a whole bunch of vegetables (who cares what you have on hand?), and throw them in there with the pasta. This means using a lot less pasta than you might be imagining, which is AWESOME.

Also, a word about the flavors: delicious! I loved how the roasted corn added a sweet note, and I’m actually not sure I’ll ever go back to regular mac & cheese. Why, when I can have my vegetables and eat them, too? I recommend cutting the vegetables small, so that a chunk of zucchini doesn’t outweigh the noodle. This makes for good and happy eating. 🙂

I forgot to slice up the avocado, and I had bought one specifically for that purpose! 😦 Oh well. Next time…

Joshua says: 10 out of 10, of course! What man doesn’t love some good macaroni and cheese? It’s even better homemade, and the pasta and vegetables were swimming in cheese sauce. What’s not to love?


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