You know how everything on this site is pretty much a 10 out of 10? How everything I make is like a total win with my husband? How some of the best recipes you’ve ever heard of just somehow seem to magically end up right here?

I was kidding about that last part. Anyway, this recipe is NOT one of those.

This recipe is yuck. I didn’t like it a single bit. I had been waiting for weeks to try it, having to gather the somewhat outlandish ingredients (like split peas, which I don’t keep on hand, and unsweetened coconut, which was an extra trip up to the health food store). And even then, I didn’t have cumin seeds (I used coriander, which I prefer) or curry leaves (where?!).

The article made this sound so good. So warm, so comforting, so delicious. I had illusions of silky, creamy rice and coconut…


I’d call this a tasteless bowl of mush. I will say that the texture is very appealing to those lovers of comfort-food, myself included. Joshua actually liked it better than I did, but not by much. We agreed we’re never making it again, ever.

In case you want to (although, why would you?), here’s the link.


Joshua says: 6 out of 10. I’d go with 4. Usually, we go with 1 point off for each problem, but when taste is totally missing from the equation, that’s huge. That’s way more than 1 point. What is a meal, without taste? By the way, we did find that the pongal was tolerable topped with pesto chicken, which I’ll tell you about later.


One thought on “Pongal

  1. The recipe you have linked to is not Pongal by any stretch of imagination. You can find a Pongal recipe on my blog or many of the blogs dedeciated to South Indian food.

    I hope you do try it with coconut chutney or avial as an accompaniment. 

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