Blueberry Yogurt Pie

Yesterday was a fast day – hence the lack of a post. Why would we want to write about food on a fast day? However, this one was an “easy fast”, which means it started at sunrise and went to sundown. So on Monday, I made us a special breakfast to have the following morning at 5:40am, while the sun was still sleeping.

This pie hails from Leite’s Culinaria, which I must recommend you check out, if only for their incredibly clear and beautiful pictures of food.

I made a batch of granola, and used that for the crust. I used this recipe, and followed their suggestion for using olive oil, because that sounded kind of cool. Regretfully, I must tell you that it was not. The granola has an odd taste, and the oats are covered in oily residue. It is exceptionally unpleasant. However, I was able to use some of it for the crust, and covering it in coconut oil (which I used instead of butter) made all the difference.

I used Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt, so I didn’t drain it, per the recipe. Unless you can get your hands on real, authentic Greek yogurt (and I do not put Trader Joe’s in that category), I would recommend draining. The pie does not hold together all that well. It’s better this morning than it was yesterday, but the filling tends to droop over the sides of the slices and slide off. Not a problem for the flavor, but if you want presentation points, drain the yogurt.

The blueberries and honey are a delicious touch. Highly recommend. And I may need to make this recipe two or three more times, to use up the rest of my granola…

Joshua says: 10 out of 10! But you’re used to that by now, right? I mean, why would I post something unless it was outstanding? Notice that the yucky granola did not make its way to this blog. There are reasons for that.


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