Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons get me very excited. I see Mediterranean recipes calling for preserved lemons all the time, especially in Jerusalem. Joshua and I enjoyed a delightful grain salad on a trip to Washington, DC, which had the incredible and very tasty flavor of preserved lemons permeating it throughout. <blissful sigh> Obviously, these can be bought. But why buy what we can make?

Um. I don’t actually subscribe to that last thought…it was off the cuff.

Anyway, my mother sent me a recipe that sounded really great, and I finally made them this past week from Hungry Tigress. I made them exactly as she suggests, although I did have to substitute green cardamom for brown – whoever heard of brown?!

I am so DELIGHTED with them! They look just like hers, and can’t wait for them to be done, so that I can tell you how they taste (and enjoy them myself, of course!). Right now, they are sitting pertly on my wide windowsill, trying to catch some rays from the setting sun every day. An apartment does not provide the most sunny windowsills, this I will tell you.

By the way: I do not own a mortar and pestle, nor do I have a coffee grinder, which works quite well to grind up spices. However, a great and cheap fix for this problem is buying pepper, salt, or any of those sweet mixes from Trader Joe’s, which come in plastic grinders. These are intended to be thrown away when the product inside has been used, but I unscrew the cap and fill it with whatever spices need to be ground. This is how I accomplished the grinding of the pepper, cardamom, and clove for this recipe, and it worked excellently. I highly recommend this very resourceful trick!

Joshua says: nothing yet, obviously. We have not tasted them. I will keep you posted on that.


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