I have a list at the bottom of this blog that details my cooking library. These are the cookbooks I own, which I’ve picked up over the years (and by “picked up”, I do mean BUY or WAS GIVEN – I never pick up books in stores and walk out without paying for them…obviously). Last Sunday, my husband took me to the mall, allowed me to go into my favorite over-priced store, where I never, ever buy anything, because it’s way beyond our budget, and helped me discover a cookbook that I had been wanting for days and weeks and months on the clearance table, and let me buy it.

The book was Burma: Rivers of Flavor, by Naomi Duguid (which I will admit that my mind always pronounces “do-good”, like she always does the right thing…wonder how she actually does pronounce it).

This cookbook is lovely. The pictures make me want to go to Burma, which I really don’t want to go to. You know, now that I think about it, the pictures don’t make me want to go to Burma, they make me want to eat authentic Burmese food. Fortunately for me, this book is the ticket to that dream.

I am probably going to make the time, this coming week, to read through the stories and get a feel for the life behind the words. I may or may not let you know how that goes. I will also be making all kinds of cool recipes from it (slowly but surely), which I will post about here. This is not to steal from Naomi Duguid (follow her blog, by the way), but rather, to get you so interested in these amazing recipes that you go out and buy the book yourself. Or order it from Amazon from the comfort of your own home, as most of us do these days.

I’m especially looking forward to the Golden Egg Curry.


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