This isn’t about something I’ve cooked, but it’s about something I like. Water.

“Water?!” you say. Why, yes. I’m a huge fan of water.

Last week, my sister and I went on a jaunt uptown to visit the markets and stuff up there (if you have an Instagram account, check out hashtag #urbanfarmhop). Our last stop was the 7th Street Public Market for pizza at Pure Pizza, and they were serving cold water infused with lemon and cucumber. I did the same thing for my husband and I, yesterday.

Two days ago, another sister hosted a Father’s Day get-together, and had infused her water with herbs.

On top of that, I have had a huge crush on Ayala’s Herbal Water for the past two-and-a-half months, ever since trying it for the first time in Washington, DC. I especially like the fact that they are carbonated – feels like drinking a soda but, in fact, it’s just bubbly water. No sugar, either.

That’s actually what I like best about all of these; I don’t like things super-sweet. I don’t drink sodas, and I like dry wine. When I get a cocktail, I like the most bitter or sour drink on the menu. PLEASE leave out the Sprite, the simple syrup, and the grenadine. I take my iced tea and coffee unsweetened.

This summer, I plan to do a lot of water infusions, because plain water sometimes doesn’t taste so good (probably because of everything they’re putting into it these days, chemical-wise).

Check out these infusion links:

Ayala’s Sparkling Water, Lemongrass Mint Vanilla flavor

Water infuser

Republic of Tea’s Hibiscus Sangria Iced Tea (favorite!!)

Heat things up this summer with Jalapeno Infused Water

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