Pumpkin Risotto with Cranberries

I know, I know. Pumpkin? Did I miss the start of spring in March? Is pumpkin even available anymore?! Well…confession: this was one of those pre-assembled kit-type cooking projects. I honestly just wanted to know how it would turn out, it was a free gift from my mom (she wanted to get rid of it), and it was an easy side dish to my main meal. Don’t we all do that sometimes?

This mix was from Bountiful Pantry, and boasted of being gluten free with no added salt. I know that a lot of people must be struggling with salt overdoses, as so many things are being made without added salt, too much salt, or any salt. But yuck! Salt is what makes things flavorful! In this case, I salted my finished risotto a lot to get it to taste like anything.

The “Delicious & So EASY! Ready in Minutes. . . ” claim on the back was relatively true, if they were talking less about five to ten minutes and more about thirty to thirty-five. Thirty minutes of stirring, stirring, stirring to develop the starches in the rice. My arm gets tired again just thinking about it.

The pumpkin flavor is imparted with one of those mac & cheese -esque yellowy-orange packets of dust, but the ingredients list claims that it actually is pumpkin. I guess it’s dehydrated and pulverized. I didn’t taste an overwhelming amount of pumpkin.


Joshua says: 10 out of 10, and he did walk in saying that it smelled amazing in here. I am a big fan of risotto, myself, and it was enjoyable. The cranberries are a nice addition. Definitely tasted great for something that was best by 4/2013… :-!


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