Fat Almond Pancake

I will admit that this is something I have not cooked yet. But I know it’s good, all the same, because I’ve tasted it. This was the breakfast I had on my birthday, which my wonderful husband cooked for me.

So that should already say a lot, right? This is the breakfast I picked for my *birthday*. That’s huge! Birthday breakfasts are the stuff of cinnamon rolls and sticky buns, fresh bagels with butter, chocolate croissants, delicate scones and devonshire cream, blueberry pancakes and crunchy pecan waffles.

<blissful sigh>

Anyway, this is a Green Kitchen Stories recipe, and it’s similar to a puff pancake, a souffle, and Dutch baby, if you’ve ever had any of those. It’s high and light and airy with just the slightest hint of sweetness. David & Luise piled it with yogurt and fresh berries; we had a banana to use up, and we’re still chugging through strawberry-balsamic-black-pepper jam. That was amazing with it – give it a try!

Ours took a bit longer to bake; don’t expect it to set like a quiche. It will still be very jiggly when it’s done – no worries. Also, the recommendation to “let cool slightly” is a very good one. Do that. We dug right in, because we were starving and on a time crunch, and it definitely benefits from a little rest. The next day, we had the leftovers cold, and they were also amazing.


Joshua says: Actually, Joshua doesn’t get to say anything here, because he made it. So *I* say 8 out of 10, because we should have let it rest and because I think it was cooked just a little too long – my fault, because I was supposed to be watching it. The top got very brown and could be peeled completely off the next day…not sure if that was right. Anyway, next time we’ll change both those things and it will be perfect!

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