Baked Herb & Pistachio Falafel

As I mentioned before, I lived in Israel for some time. There, I fell desperately in love with the falafel. Forget greasy squares of who-knows-what on processed white buns at Wendy’s or McDonald’s. Falafel was the fast food of Israel and yes, it was fried, but it was always (at the places I frequented, at least) homemade from scratch, with nothing suspect in it. I like to try recipes at home now, but I don’t like to fry things (I think I dropped that hint rather loudly in this post). I love that these falafel balls are baked. 🙂

I’m a huge Hugh & Sara fan, and I cook their recipes whenever I can, so it’s surprising to me that this is the first Sprouted Kitchen on this blog! We will remedy that, in time…

These falafel were delightfully flavored, and I will definitely be making them again. However, I found the ratios off; Sara’s perfectly rolled balls were not what happened to me. My mixture was too goopy to be shaped at first, so I added breadcrumbs to help with the texture. Even then, no perfect balls. In the future, perhaps I will try putting in the full two cups of pistachios, which she had cut in half for preference. I do like pistachios.

I also used a different flour, with not such a strong flavor as buckwheat. And  I cut out the cumin, because I find the taste slightly overpowering, and I didn’t want to drown out the more delicate pistachio and mint. I would do that again.

Here’s the recipe!

Joshua says: 9 out of 10, but I could tell the actual score was even lower. It’s very hard to compete with the memories of perfect Israeli falafel, so I don’t blame him. He found the texture a little to mushy for his taste, although that was how I remembered Israeli falafel being. It probably would have helped to deep-fry these, but we all know that wasn’t happening.


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