Essential Raised Waffles

I do not make waffles very often, regardless of the fact that there is already a savory waffle recipe on this blog. I really don’t. I’m not a carb person, unless I’m in Paris, and most workday mornings are not mornings I feel like getting a big waffle party going. That’s probably why this recipe appealed to me so much – it’s overnight! Most of the work is done the previous evening, when waffles sound like a great idea.

This is another recipe from Smitten Kitchen, a favorite of mine. It is a yeasted batter, which you leave sitting on the counter overnight to rise. This is only pertinent because the batter is made mostly of milk; your Bad Food Alarm may be going off right now, but relax. Deb apparently did her research and tried leaving it out and refrigerating it, said both worked, but the flavor was maximized in leaving it out. I also left mine out overnight, safely in the oven, just in case, and it did not smell gross in the morning or anything like that. Rather, it had that sourdough smell. Tantalizingly pleasant. 🙂

Perhaps I did something wrong, but I found that my batter was a bit thin (it did thicken up overnight, but even then) and did not rise well in the maker. Deb warns that a Belgian iron will not work, as the waffle won’t rise to that occasion, but I have a relatively shallow iron, and I found that the bottoms of the waffles were delightfully crisp and golden brown, while the tops stayed pale white and kind of buttery. Tasted amazing, but still…

I did love the flavor, and I piled sliced deli turkey and cream cheese and strawberry-balsamic-black pepper jam on a leftover waffle today for lunch, and it was incredible. I love how they aren’t overly sweet. I would make them again, but I kind of want to figure out if something went wrong with them, or if that’s how they just are. Deb’s are gorgeous. Mine…well, the picture I posted on Instagram was after I had flipped it over… #cheating

Joshua says: 10 out of 10 with toppings. Without, he puts it at a 9 or so. He described them as a bit too heavy and hearty on their own, at least for breakfast. I don’t know what that means. Maybe you speak Joshua.


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