I tried making hummus in a blender once. It didn’t work out so well, and my family has a pretty epic blender. I’ve since realized that blenders, with their high sides and low motor, are not ideal for hummus; hummus needs the comparatively low sides and wide base of a food processor. Then I found a hummus recipe to beat all hummus recipes.

I lived in Israel for almost five months, and became very well acquainted with hummus of all types. The word hummus, by the way, (pronounced with the guttural CH and long U of “put” – chummus) is Hebrew for “chickpea”. Just a bit of lingual trivia for you.

When I found Deb’s recipe for hummus, which she adapted from Yotam Ottolenghi‘s Jerusalem, which I also own, I was intrigued by the method involved. Yes, you peel the chickpeas. PEEL. The chickpeas. Deb even includes a cute picture of her peels and peas, which you can view over there, as I don’t have a picture of mine.

I used canned chickpeas, but I am interested in trying the dried, just to see if it makes any difference at all.

This was truly the best hummus I’ve ever had in my life, and that’s saying quite a bit, wouldn’t you agree?

Joshua says: 10 out of 10. Yes. He agrees with me. And he lived in Israel for over two years! #score


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