The Perfect Picnic Pie

I tend to cook quite a few things for the weekend, which gives me an arsenal or potential posts for what can be a slower Monday and Tuesday. This is true of this weekend, so I will start with the star of the show: Green Kitchen Stories‘ Perfect Picnic Pie.

Because it really was perfect.

Not that I ever doubt David or Luise, but tastes can vary, and I certainly wasn’t sure what my husband would think of it. But were they EVER right about this one! We had it a day old, at room temperature, after having carried it in our picnic basket for about 15 minutes from our refrigerator. We honestly thought we might be able to finish off the entire thing in one sitting…

…but we decided to have another picnic today to enjoy more of it. I’m not saying this pie can’t be eaten without a picnic, but why would you want to do that?

I made the recipe 100% as written, and would suggest no edits whatsoever, although I don’t own a tart pan, so I made it in a 9-inch springform, and it worked marvelously (perhaps a little flatter than theirs). This is going in my Essential Recipes folder. This is becoming a staple in our house. This is a two-thumbs-up recipe.

Joshua says: 15 out of 10. He has actually declared he would eat it every week, if I want to make it, definitely for every picnic we ever have in the future. He raved about it non-stop. The almonds, nutmeg, and coconut oil trick your palate into thinking there’s something sweet in there, while the spinach gives a healthy, vegetable overtone, and the feta hits you with salty. It’s really the perfect combination of flavors.


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