Creamy Tortilla Soup

For one of our dinners this past week, I pulled a meal out of the freezer. I know – <gasp>. The thing is, sometimes when we get to the end of the month, our grocery budget is a little tight. So while I may have a laundry list of things I want to cook, the cupboards are bare and I can’t really go out and get expensive ingredients. Next week, I can. 😉 But for the time being, we float along with the leftovers and the frozen. This soup was scraped together with a bunch of ingredients that needed to be used up some weeks ago. We didn’t need it then, so it sat in a big yogurt container in my freezer until this week. I feel like this method makes things easy and cheap, without skimping on nutrition. Hooray for that.

Warning, this soup is quite hot. Very powerfully spicy. Well…I take that back, actually, because spice is a relative thing. What blows my tastebuds out of the water may be nothing to your more seasoned ones. Let me just say that it packs a punch. Probably depends on the size and intensity of your jalapeno.

Here’s the recipe!

Also, it freezes beautifully. Although, if you think about it, pretty much everything freezes beautifully! It’s the unfreezing that gets a little dicey sometimes. And for this soup, not a problem.

Joshua says: 9 out of 10. It was a little strong for him. I guess I need to dial back on the heat around here, because I feel like I’ve heard that three or four times this week alone. <sigh> We’ll be eating tame and mild next week…


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