Turmeric Lassi

This is the tale of a ripe banana. A very, very ripe banana. One that would have made some of the most delectable banana bread, if it had had a few brethren who were also as ripe. What does one do with a lone overly-ripe banana?

Some type of smoothie did seem in order. I searched my recipes for banana ideas and came up with Green Kitchen StoriesImmune-Boosting Turmeric Lassi, which I had wanted to try when they posted it back in March, but had never gotten around to it. This, I thought, was the perfect opportunity.

I cut the recipe in half, obviously, as I had only one banana. Beware the turmeric! It has a very interesting and powerful flavor – WHOA. Perhaps this drink was not best suited to the morning…Joshua said he would like to try it again with savory food. Good call.

I had no rosehip powder (who does?), but I put in a bit of cinnamon. Also – and this is cool, I think – I do not own a blender, so I mixed this thing up in my food processor, and it worked beautifully! I waited until I couldn’t hear the ice cubes anymore.

Here’s the recipe!


Joshua says: 8.5 out of 10. He hemmed and hawed about this for almost 10 minutes. I told him he was welcome to rate it a 2 – I never thought it would be a man’s drink. However, he finally decided that he did like it; turmeric, he says, grows on you. The first sip was, “UMMM….how much more of this could I possibly drink?” But keep at it. Joshua warns that it is very strong. We also recommend drinking it in small quantities. We split a half-recipe, and that was plenty. If you’re a turmeric fiend, obviously you could probably down a lot more on your own. Be our guest.

P.S. – I recognize that quite a few of the recipes I’ve put up recently have been from David & Luise over at Green Kitchen Stories. It’s odd to me, because I would never have thought I cooked so many of their recipes, but right now, they’re the ones hitting my buttons. I go through phases. Stay tuned.


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