Banana Granola

I am of the opinion that my family has in our possession the single best recipe for granola ever to be made known to the earth. This recipe can be adapted to showcase any dried fruit, as well as use a multitude of different sweeteners – if you’re not a honey person, maple syrup works. If you’re into the agave trend, give that a go. Et cetera. With this one recipe, we can do an apricot-almond, a maple-blueberry, or a cinnamon-raisin. <swoon>

That’s not the recipe I’m giving you.



BUT. This recipe, from Green Kitchen Stories, is able to capture that true, fresh banana flavor and infuse the entire granola with it. That, our family recipe cannot do. Therefore, when I want the house to smell like banana bread, but I don’t feel like actually making a shortbread, when I want the delicate flavor of sweet bananas to permeate my breakfast Cheerios or yogurt, when I want to switch things up from the normal – this is where I’m going.

Make as is. David & Luise are always perfect.

Joshua says: 10 out of 10. He warns that the banana flavor is particularly gentle, and recommends eating it without other cereals, which would confuse the tastebuds.


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