Sandwich #3

What can I say? A sandwich makes an easy lunch to send to work with my husband. Me, I don’t eat a whole lot of sandwiches. I’m much more a salad-ish person. Remind me to tell you about my chickpeas, cherries, and coriander of yesterday…

Here goes:

Rosemary-olive-oil rustic bread
+ Lusty Monk “Altar Boy” honey mustard
+ fried egg, yolk popped and cooked through
+ one link jalapeno chicken sausage, halved lengthwise
+ bread & butter pickles, homemade if possible
+ mayonnaise
+ rosemary-olive-oil rustic bread

I didn’t toast it, but I’m sure that would work well.

Joshua says: 9.5 out of 10. We lost a half point because Joshua declared it a bit too spicy for him. This is probably because my bread & butter pickles have pickled Serrano chile pepper in them, as well, and I made sure one ended up on the sandwich. Heartless of me, I know. Without that, I think it might have just the right amount of kick. But if you want to be careful, choose a less spicy mustard or switch out the sausage for a non-spicey variety.


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