Curried Chickpeas with Spinach and Tomato

My mom hates the smell of curry, so we never had it growing up. When I married Joshua, I got to expand my culinary horizons and learn to cook new things – like curry! This one is 100% vegetables, packed with protein and fiber.

For some reason, Bon Appetit has you cook a few things together and then put them in the food processor and chop them all coarsely. I didn’t want to have more dishes to wash, so I chopped those ingredients before cooking. I don’t know if this made any significant difference, but it made cleanup easier.

Also, the recipe calls for a full pound of spinach. That’s a lot of spinach, especially when it comes in 6-ounce bags at the grocery store! I only used the six ounces, and there was plenty of spinach to go around, but if you’re in love with spinach, keep the original amount, by all means.

Here’s the recipe!

Joshua says: 10 out of 10. He loved that he could have eaten the entire pot of curry with very little ill effects, and the fresh ginger provided a “nice, spring-y zip”.


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