Grain Salad with Mango, Sprouts, and Creamy Avocado Dressing

I’m at a loss right now for good, filling, protein-rich lunches for the spring and summer. It’s pretty easy to come up with something for Joshua, because I’ll normally send leftovers with him, and he can also handle many more carbs than my body can.

I like vegetables, but I need protein. And you can’t have meat at every meal. Especially when the budget is not limitless, am I right?

So when I found this grain salad on, I was excited about trying it. Avocado is a rich vegetable, high in the good fats, and with more fiber than almost anything other food (the slippery kind of fiber that helps other things move through your system). This salad doubles up on the avocado, using chunks in the salad itself, and blending up some for the dressing.

Here are some tweaks I made:

  • TheKitchn used einkorn, which I’ve never heard of. I substituted quinoa, because I eat gluten-free.
  • The dressing calls for lemon juice and olive oil, but I happened to have some of Trader Joe’s lemon-flavored olive oil instead, and it was absolutely delicious. I highly recommend using it. This is a great place to use a flavored oil.
  • I skipped the pepitas – didn’t have those on hand.
  • My avocados were going quickly, and the mangos at the grocery store were not ripe. So I replaced them with kiwis, which worked fabulously. The key, I think, is the bright acidity, which both mangos and kiwis possess. Mangos work better for the different color, though.

Here’s the link!

Joshua says8.5 out of 10. I served it with chips, which helped a lot for him, because he likes his crunch factor. Admittedly, this salad can be a big bowl of mush, depending on the dressing-to-other-stuff ratio. He also likes variety of flavor, so if this had been a side dish to something else, he would have been happier.


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